Easy Embedding
Learn how to get and customize the embed code of your interactive videos and share your Experiences on your own terms!

How Can I Embed My Experiences?

To share an Experience on your website or blog, you'll need to get its embed code and then paste it on your site. To do that, the first thing you have to do is going to the Publish page of your Experience, choose a platform and click on the Publish now button below the video preview. A pop-up dialog will then provide you with the embed code of your interactive video. Copy it, paste it on your website, and you're ready to go! As you can see, embedding is really easy!

This is the embed code that we provide by default:

Depending on the capabilities of the viewer's device, your interactive videos may be displayed either in Flash or HTML5. If your videos are displayed in Flash, you won't be able to render any HTML on top of it. To avoid this, you just have to add the option wmode at the end of the URL source of your embed code. Click here to check out which wmode value is best for you!

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