Video Ad Networks
In this page we will describe the different distribution points and integration options to run Zentrick interactive video across the web.

How to Publish on Video Ad Networks

The Zentrick Platform can serve as a VAST/VPAID ad server for your interactive video experiences. VAST and VPAID are IAB industry standards for delivering video ad experiences in a scalable way.

Using the Zentrick Publish Tool, you can easily publish your interactive video to a VAST/VPAID-enabled short URI. You can then put this link into your preferred VAST/VPAID-compliant media buying or ad trafficking platforms for distribution.

Media buys are not executed directly from within the Zentrick Platform, but through the existing standards we can easily integrate and coordinate with your existing media buying platforms and partners. If you have specific questions please contact your Zentrick representative. We're more than happy to work with your existing partners to validate executions and make sure everything runs smoothly.

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