In this page we will describe the different distribution points and integration options to run Zentrick interactive video across the web.

How to Publish on Twitter

Zentrick supports Twitter distribution out of the box. You can publish a tweet directly from the Zentrick Publish Tool. This will post a tweet with an attached Summary Card of your interactive video. Viewers will be able to click on "View summary" below the tweet, which will show a preview of the interactive video inside of the Twitter feed before clicking through to watch it.

Zentrick also supports Twitter Player Cards. Because of certain terms of service restrictions on Twitter's end, apps need to be approved before you can publish them to Twitter as part of a Zentrick video. If one or more apps in your interactive video are not approved for Twitter, your video will appear as a Summary Card instead of a Player Card.

We support both Flash and HTML5 on Twitter. The right technology is automatically selected by the system depending on the viewer's device.

If you want to publish to Twitter with your own player, you have to:

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