In this page we will describe the different distribution points and integration options to run Zentrick interactive video across the web.

How to Publish on Tumblr and Other Blogging Platforms

Zentrick videos can also be published on Tumblr as well as other blogging platforms. When writing a new post, use the HTML tool available in the editor of your preferred platform to insert an iframe embed code generated from the Zentrick Publish Tool.

Here's a step by step explanation about the procedure to post Zentrick videos on Tumblr:

1. Log Into Tumblr

2. Hit "Video" to Create a New Video Post

3. Copy and Paste the Zentrick Embed Code Into the Post

4. Once the Video Is Loaded, Type a Caption to Describe It

Once you're done, hit the "Post" button or continue as you normally would to publish your video. Boom! Your interactive video is now published on Tumblr!

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