Native Mobile Apps
In this page we will describe the different distribution points and integration options to run Zentrick interactive video across the web.

How to Publish on Native Mobile Apps

Native mobile apps can already embed Zentrick interactive videos by using a UIWebView or similar element and loading a Zentrick HTML5 interactive video with it.

You create a short URI publish in the Zentrick Publish Tool and point your UIWebView element to that URL. More details on how to create a new publish using the Zentrick Publish Tool can be found in this section about the Publisher.

Supported devices for this embedding method are the same as the devices supported for mobile browser playback. Zentrick is working to provide native mobile code libraries for iOS and Android that will enable native video playback and thus unlock new mobile platforms like iPhone.

The initial iteration of this native mobile library will play the video back natively, but still apply the interactive elements on top using a transparent UIWebView. This combines best playback performance, broader device support and dynamic loading of interactive video apps within the limitations of several app stores like Apple's.

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