In this page we will describe the different distribution points and integration options to run Zentrick interactive video across the web.

How to Publish on Facebook

Zentrick supports Facebook distribution out of the box. You can publish directly to a Facebook page or feed from the Zentrick Publish Tool. This will embed the Zentrick Player into Facebook for you.

Facebook only supports Flash embeds. Facebook users on mobile devices will be pointed to a web page (automatically generated by Zentrick) that will show an HTML5 version of your interactive video.

If you want to publish to Facebook with your own player or point people to your own page to watch, you have to:

  • Integrate Zentrick into your own player as described in the Using Player Integration section.
  • Add the og:video tags to your pages and point them to your own player (as defined by the Open Graph protocol).
  • Make sure you have a Facebook app associated with your domains and list it in the page's OpenGraph meta tags.
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