To transform your video into an immersive interactive Experience you just need to take a few easy steps. Follow the explanations below to learn how to build your first Interactive Video.

Create a New Experience

The first screen you will find right after logging in the platform is the Grid. As you can see, on this interface you are able to manage all your projects: create a new Experience, App or a folder, delete existing ones, search or arrange them as you want.

The black bar on the top is the main menu of the Platform. Through this menu you'll be able to access the homepage, the feedback page, the help page and your profile settings. The white bar right below is the platform secondary menu, you can use it to search, sort your files and create an item. But for our purpose now we just need to click the green button on the right side in order to create a brand new Experience.

Upload Your Video

Welcome to the Info page! This is your very first step on your way to build an interactive Experience. Here you can upload the video that you want to turn into an interactive Experience and enter some information for it as a name, description and also its color scheme. Add your video from YouTube, upload it directly from your computer or search it online. Easy peasy so far!

Uploading a video can take some time depending on the file size, wait until it is finished and move to the next step by clicking on 'Design' on the top white bar.

Start Building Your Interactive Video

This is where the action begins! Our powerful Editor provides all the features you need to make your video interactive. Select and add any prebuilt application by dragging and dropping them anywhere on your video. Prebuilt interactive apps will allow your video to power user engagement, social sharing and video commerce, just set your goal and find the app that best suits your needs. Finally, configure them and manage its style settings to make the most of your interactive Experience!

If you don't find a default app that fits your needs, you can also create your own custom apps in the App Developer. Click here to learn more about it and discover its endless interactive possibilities! Once you have finished editing your interactive Experience, save your work and move to the next step, we're almost done!

Want to know more about our Editor? Click here to see a detailed explanation of its workflow.

Publish to Any Site and Any Network

Once you have finished building your interactive Experience, our one click Publishing tool will allow you to distribute it to any site and network with built-in smartphone and tablet support. Just check your final result, click on one of the buttons below the video preview and deliver your Experiences however and wherever you want!

On this page, you will also be able to check your publishing history and have total control of your campaigns by scheduling your publications. Click here if you want to learn more about the extended features that this publishing tool can offer to you.

Measure Your Experience's Results

Voilà! Your interactive Experience is done! Check the Analytics page to see the results of your work with our powerful engagement, interaction and campaign metrics. Track your Experiences stats and optimize your video based on what is happening when it happens! Cool, right?

What Now?

If you still want to know more about the platform workflow, we suggest you to check the extended explanations of each section of the platform. You will find them on the left menu of this page.

And if you think you're ready to ride this horse, just go ahead! The best way to learn it is using it! We hope you love it as much as we do!

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