The Publisher
Share your Experience to any device, network or site with a single click, schedule your publications or keep track of them through the publish history. That's what the Experience Publisher can do for you!

Watch the Tutorial Video

Video Preview

Publishing your videos in the Zentrick Platform is easy and fast, but on top of that we wanted to give you the chance to manage your publications and have full control of them, making the Experience Publisher a complete, truly effective tool. The first thing you have to do, and it's important that you always do it, is checking the Experience final result in the video preview on the top part of the page. Below the video preview you'll also find a text input where you can give a finishing touch to the Experience title and description.

Make sure that everything is alright because that's exactly what you're about to publish! Once you have confirmed that the Experience, its title and its description are exactly as you want, you can move to the next step!

Publish Now!

To publish your Experience you can use any of the buttons below the video preview. With this buttons you can either generate embed codes or share your Experience on a social network. Use the first fifth icons to share your Experience on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MRSS respectively. Click the sixth button to get the short URL of your Experience, the seventh to get its embed code, the eighth to get its Flash embed code and the last button to generate its VPAID short URL.

To define the social network accounts in which you want to publish your Experiences you have to go to the Settings page on the main menu (the third icon in the black bar on the left) and then go to the Social page (the fourth icon in the top white bar). Once you have linked your social network accounts you'll be ready to publish, click one of the publishing icons and share your Experience with the world!

Publish History

The publish history allows you to see a full overview of all the publications you have ever launched for this Experience. As you can see, in the tiles you'll find a summary of the publication with information about who published the version and when it was made. Each publication also has a colored box on its left side with a certain icon in it, this box indicates in which platform or social network was this publication shared.

On the other hand, the color of the box indicates whether if your publication is up to date (green) or outdated (red). If your Experience is outdated it means that there were some changes after the Experience was published. You can choose to update the publication, or you can just leave the old version online. Don't worry, you can always work on your Experiences without influencing any published version!

Click on the arrow on the right side of each tile to unfold the details of the publication. Here you'll find more information about the published version like a video preview, the title and the description under which you published your Experience.

On this section you'll also find the button to update your publications in case they are outdated. When you update a publication, all instances of this publication will be replaced by the latest version of your Experience. Everywhere you have shared a link or used an embed code, we will automatically update it for you!

Finally, you can use the X on the right side of the publication to delete it. This will replace all instances of this publication with an empty video player that warns the viewer that the Experience has been removed.

Now you know how to publish your Experiences! Go ahead and share your interactive videos with a single click to any network, site and device!

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