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One Grid to rule them all! Manage your interactive videos and organize them by folders with our powerful Experience Board. Keep a general track of your Experiences by checking their performance summary and use our efficient search and sort tools.

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Experiences & Folders

The Experience Board is a simple and intuitive tool that allows you to organize all your interactive videos. In order to make the management of your Experiences easier, the Board allows you to arrange them by folders. Experiences are represented on the board by a white tile, while folders are represented in the shape of a grey folder.

To create a folder you just have to click on the top green button with the title "Add new". Once you have created a folder, you can start building new Experiences inside of it. It's also important to know that you can also create folders inside of other folders.

As you can see, Experience tiles contain some information that will help you identify your interactive videos and see an overview of their last results. At the bottom of the tile you'll find a summary of the amount of views and clicks that your Experience performed on the last week, as well as a small chart that represents the progress of this two metrics throughout the week.

In the Grid you can also find some tools that will help you manage your files. If you hover over one of the tiles (whether it's a folder or an Experience) you'll see a button appear on its top right corner. By clicking it you'll unfold a menu where you'll be able to do a bunch of actions such as favoriting or deleting the selected item. Marking an item as favorite will change its position to the top of the grid. This function can be used to have a quick access to a particular Experience or folder every time you are in the Board. Here's an example of an Experience and a folder in hovering state:

If your selected item is an Experience, the second item on the menu will allow you to transform your Experience into a Blueprint. Blueprints are interactive video templates. Use them to create an interactive experience with predefined layout and settings. You can apply a blueprint to as many videos as you want, but be careful, because every time you edit one of your blueprints this changes will also be applied to all the experiences based on that blueprint! This is something we're still working on, stay tunned for new updates!

On the other hand, the second item on the folder's menu will take you to the configuration page of the folder. On this page you'll be able to configure your folder (change its name, description, etc.), manage the team members who have access to it and also see analytics of the total performance of the items inside the folder.

Finally, the last option on the menu will allow you to delete the selected item. But don't worry, it won't be deleted automatically! A confirmation pop-up will appear first to make sure that this is the action you want to take!

Search & Sort

The Grid also has effective Search & Sort tools. Use the Sort tool to classify the items on your dashboard by name, amount of views or creation date. To search for any Experience, folder or app in the platform you can either click on the search icon on the top left section of the Board or just directly type the name of what you're looking for. That's right, just type! No matter in which page of the platform you are, the search tool will activate automatically! Sweet eh?

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