The App Developer
A complete developer environment to build custom apps and immersive video Experiences using standard web technologies, our powerful API and native platform capabilities. Personalize your apps and make the most of your interactive videos!

Code Editor

The App Developer is a tool designed to create personalized apps using programming language, so if you are a newbie on this field this is the right time to find yourself someone with basic programming skills to help you out! In this section we're going to talk about the structure and workflow of the App Developer, so if you're looking for a more programming oriented support you should go to our App Development section. Now let's start taking a look at the App Developer!

The main tool that you're going to use on the App Developer is the Code Editor on the 'Design' tab. As its name indicates this is where you will edit your app's source code. Make use of familiar languages like CSS, JavaScript and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) to create your own compelling reusable applications.

App Preview

The first item on the left side of the page is the App Preview. Logically, here you'll be able to check how your app looks like. As you've seen before on the Experience Editor, in this case you can also switch between Edit and Preview mode. On Edit mode you'll be able to change your app position and size, while on Preview mode you will see your app's actual appearance. On top of the preview you'll also find a text input to resize its scale, something really useful if you want to try your app on a larger screen size!

Console, Settings and Libraries

Below the App Preview you will also find three tools that will help you a lot while working on your code! The Console, located below the Configuration and Library buttons, is a live feedback tool, used to warn you about player errors or mistakes in your code. It also doubles as a section where you can write any text you want, such as variable values, object properties or a simple "Hello World!". You can write to the console at any point in your script code by using the console.log() function.

The Configuration button is used for testing. It opens a pop-up where you can configure the properties you have defined in your app. At the same time, it's important to know that the properties that you define in the app are the ones that will appear in the Experience Editor. In the Editor you will have to fill them to set the content and the final appearance of your app.

With the Modules button you can load additional external libraries. Libraries provide you with many extra functions you can use in your script. They can shorten your development time but they will also make your app load a little bit slower. Finally, at the left bottom part of the page you'll find a button to save all your changes in your code and a second button to clear the console content.

As you can see, the App Developer is a programmer-friendly tool designed by developers for developers. If you are familiar with the basic programming languages you'll easily get used to its intuitive workflow, and if you're not, this can be your first step to find your way around them!

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