Build Your Own Experience
Are you itching to start building your very own experience? Then you are in the right place, this tutorial will help beginning and advanced users alike to create and fine-tune their project. Let's get started!

Essential Apps

Every user in the studio has the complete pre-built app library at his/her disposal, a vast collection of more then 40 apps (and growing) that, in the right hands, has the potential of building a professional looking interactive video.

Let's start by making sure that the project has a few essential apps that will give your video a boost. We don't use autoplay in this video so let's add a poster image app to make it more attractive for the potential viewer. The player controls are already in there as is default for every new experience you create.

The poster image app will take a random frame from the video, we want our project to look fresh so let's make a screenshot, edit it a bit with any image editing software and upload it through the app configuration menu. You can also use an image from the web.

Add the play button app on top of the poster image and you are done, awesome!

Much better!

Social Features

Now we will add the social share button app, this one lets the viewer share the video in just one click.

Adding a profile tag can make your video much more interesting, let's add the twitter profile tag app!

Adding a Logo

If your video needs to display a logo of some kind, you can easily use the image app to do so. Just upload an image file or take one from the web, fine-tune the app configuration options and position it nicely. You can link the logo to a website as well.

Adding a Secondary Video

In this case, the viewer might be interested in seeing more videos about the honey badger. We can provide that by adding a video switch tile app to the experience. To do this, upload a new video or add a YouTube video in the studio and publish it. Then add the new video's publication ID to the video switch tile app's configuration window. (The publication ID can be found in the the publication URL e.g. Take the last 6 characters.)

End Screen - Combining Apps

Adding an end screen to your video usually yields better results for your campaign. Where as the viewer would see a still video frame or a black screen, he/she will now see a completely interactive window providing information, linkouts, media, ... To create this we will combine some apps.


To hide the last frame of this video (which is black) we add a background. We can do this with the rectangle app, or the image app. Let's add the rectangle app and give it a white color and some opacity in the app configuration window.


Make sure the player controls are still visible by dragging the player controls app to the bottom of the timeline, overlapping the end screen apps. We will also do this for the share app and the video switch tile. Don't forget to give the video switch tile an extra visibility region at the end by click the 'new region' button.


Now we add a few text apps to show more information, a button app that links out to the honey badger wikipedia article. We re-position the video switch tile app to the center and add decorative images.

Looks OK! Check out the result here.

Convert to Blueprint

You can easily turn this experience into a blueprint. Go the folder where your experience is located, and click on the hamburger menu in the top-right corner of the tile. Now click on blueprint. The new blueprint will appear in the same folder.

Now you can use this blueprint on other experiences and even on folders! This will save you a lot of time.

Click here to learn more about blueprints.

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