Get in-depth information about your audience. On this page you can find an overview of all viewer statistics.

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Analyze your results with detailed real-time analytics and handy key metrics. Zentrick Analytics track all the essential engagement, interaction and campaign metrics so that you can measure and optimize your interactive videos in real time. Below you can find a list of all tracked metrics and their descriptions.

Impressions (Total)

Every time a page loads with your video embedded in it. The video is shown but not (yet) played.

Views (Total)

Every time the video started playing.

Clicks (Total)

The amount of clicks in the video.

View Time (Average)

The average time a viewer watched the playing video. When the video is paused, the time is not counted. Also, if the viewer watches the same part twice, it's only counted once.

Engagement Time (Average)

The total time spent in a video, including interactions, clicking things, reading in-video information,… In other words, the total time between the first and the last interaction. Engagement time is always equal or higher than view time because we count viewing as engagement. When people spend more then 10 seconds between two interaction and the video is not playing, we only take 10 seconds into account.

Clicks per View

The amount of clicks divided by the number of views.

Conversion (Rate)

The percentage of people that go from an impression to a view. So the percentage of people that see a play button and click it. In other words, the percentage of potential viewers "converted" to actual viewers.

Engagement (Rate)

The percentage of additional time spent in the video because of the interactivity. In other words, the difference between engagement time and view time.

Completion (Rate)

The percentage of all viewers that saw the whole video.

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