Use blueprints as a template to create new experiences or manage the layout of existing ones. Do you want to control hundreds of experiences at the same time? This tool is your time saver!

More than a Template!

Blueprints are pre-defined layouts you can use to create new experiences faster and easier. They contain a set of apps and their layout and configuration. They can easily be applied to an infinite amount of experiences.

The image below represents a blueprint and an experience. Our blueprint here is composed by three basic apps: player controls, a share button and a button with our company logo that takes the viewer to our website.

When we apply this blueprint to the experience, the apps from the blueprint will be added next to the existing apps in the experience. But it doesn't stop right there! An experience created from a blueprint can also be modified, either to add more apps or to alter the ones that came from the blueprint itself. The changes made in the apps will be stored in the experience, and will never have an effect on the original blueprint.

Below you can see an example of the original blueprint and an experience created out of this blueprint and later modified.

At this point you're probably thinking: "Okay, so blueprints are just templates", but they're more than that! Blueprints can be applied to multiple experiences, this means that you can create a whole bunch of identical experiences in just a few seconds. Jump to the next section and we'll explain why blueprints are so important!

Use Blueprints, Save Time!

Imagine that you're running a business or a campaign where you have to publish hundreds of interactive videos with the same look and interactivity. Now that you know what blueprints are, you could easily create your own blueprint first and then apply it to all your interactive videos.

Fair enough. Now imagine that you have to modify one of the apps on top of all these experiences. Modifying every experience manually would be a never-ending work! Don't worry, we got it covered! If you want to modify all experiences that are based on a blueprint, the only thing you have to do is modify the blueprint itself. The changes will then be automatically applied to all these experiences!

Easy and super fast! Blueprints can be an effective time saver. Use them to create new experiences in less than a minute or to modify a large number of experiences with a few clicks!

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