Custom Fonts
The Zentrick studio allows you to upload and use custom fonts in the app developer. This tutorials explains the whole process.

Upload Your Font

Click the 'Add New' button and select the 'Font' option.

Drag the font files inside the selected area or use the file explorer. Make sure to upload the correct formats: EOT, WOFF, TTF or OTF and the corresponding CSS file that contains a @font-face syntax to load those font files. Your CSS file should include all the fonts and formats you're uploading, it will look similar to this:

Click the 'Upload' button when you're done.

You will now have a new tile for the custom font in your grid.

Use the Font in the App Developer

After you are done uploading the font files the custom font will be available for custom app development. Open the app developer and click on the green 'Fonts' button below the preview area. In the the following dialog you will see a list of the fonts that are currently used in the app. Click on 'Add Font' next to select your custom font.

The next dialog contains a dropdown menu where you can select the fonts you have previously uploaded. Your custom fonts will show up first, followed by a list of all Google fonts. Select your prefered font and it's variants to add it to your app.

Add the font-family css attribute to your text node in the SVG tab

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