You can easily add products to a Shopify cart directly from a Zentrick experience. First you need to add some code to the Shopify page and after that products can be added by redirecting to a correct URL.

Shopify Side

First you need to add some javascript code to your Shopify page.

1. Login with the credentials of your Shopify store on the Shopify website.
2. Then click on "Pages" in the navigation bar on the left.
3. Select the store you want to use to add products dynamically.
4. On the "Write your page" section, click on the "< >" symbol (show HTML).
5. Add the following javascript code at the bottom:

This is everything you need to do on the Shopify side.

Zentrick App Side

You can now add a product or multiple products to the Shopify cart by composing a correct URL and then redirect the viewer. You can form the URL by making a JSON object with all the products that should be added and pass this object as an URL parameter.

When you redirect a viewer to this URL, the Shopify page will add the products in the URL parameter to the Shopify cart and redirect to the cart page.

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