An overview of all Zentrick Custom Modules.



This jQuery-like API allows you to use a number of powerful methods that make your code more readable and faster to write.


The social API allows you to easily share your interactive video or other content on different social networks.


The textfit function allows you to layout the text on your apps inside a container. Give your container a size and a position and the function will make your text fit nicely inside your apps.

Text Input

Text inputs allow you to create a text field that users can fill themselves to submit certain information. On this page, we explain how to create a text input app using the Zentrick Studio.

File Input

Using file inputs, you can request access to one or more files on the user's device, such as text files or pictures. Enable the File Input module and follow the steps below to get started.


The EventEmitter class allows you to easily use events in your own code. You can use it to implement adding, removing and emitting events. You can inherit from it, or you can use composition/delegation.

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